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#CollabHow: 10+ Ideas for Your Next Collab on YouTube or Instagram!

Need some help getting started with ideas for your next collab? Here's a list of 10+ ideas to get your next collab started! Leave your ideas in the comments and we'll update this list with more ideas too!

#1 Guest host episodes on each other’s channels:

This is an easy way to collab that does not require a lot of coordination or proximity in terms of location. Episodes that follow a certain format (for example, “Q&A” or “Morning Routine”) lend themselves especially well to a guest host format. Here’s 67 more ideas for video episode formats from Vlogging Pro.

#2 Swap Care Packages:

This is another great collab format which does not require collaboration partners to live in the same city. Collab partners send each other a surprise care package by mail. Then each person unboxes the care packages for the first time on camera.

#3 Challenge Video:

It’s easy to come up with fun challenge videos that can either be done in person of filmed separately and edited together. Here’s a list of 100 Challenge Video Ideas from Buzzfeed.

#4 Seasonal Theme Videos:

Most videos have a theme of some kind, so why not coordinate on a specific theme with another Creator and shout out their video? Seasonal themes (e.g., Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Prom, etc.) are an easy place to start because everyone can relate to them, but you can pick any theme that makes sense for your channel.

#5 How To Videos:

Think of problem that needs a solution, or a task that needs to be completed. Collab partners can each come up with their “How To” guide for each and send their clips to each other to be edited into a single video. It’s great to see two completely different ways to approach the same problem or task.

#6 The Life Coach Video:

Friends often ask each other for advice, so why not do the same thing with your collab partner? In this format, you can shout our your collab partner, what advice they are seeking, then film a video showing your response. At the beginning and end of the video, be sure to tell your audience to check out your collab partner’s channel to see what advice they gave you!

#7 Giveaways:

There are tons of ways to get creative with Giveaway collaborations – everything from co-hosting a Giveaway video, or creating a Giveaway that requires your audiences to watch and leave comments on both videos to win.

#8 Reaction Videos:

This popular video format can easily be turned into a great collaboration – reacting to each other’s videos, or even reacting to the same video and editing your reactions together.

#9 Cameo or Shout Out:

Although incredibly simple, cameos and shout-outs are still great ways to get yourself in front of new audiences. And shout-outs don’t require you to be in the same city!

#10 Behind the Scenes:

One of our favorite collaboration video formats, “Behind the Scenes” videos give audiences a look at what goes into making a YouTube video or Instagram post. Collab partners film each other making a video for their own channel, then create a Behind the Scene video which can be posted on the other person’s channel. Audiences will almost certainly tune in to watch both!

What collab ideas have worked for you? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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