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The #1 mobile collaboration network for Creators

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A New Way to Collab with other Creators

Swipe through your daily collab Matches, post collab Opportunities, or use advanced Search and Filters to find new collabs with other content creators, influencers, or creative freelancers for hire!

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Safely Hire and Get Paid

Quickly and safely hire, or get hired, for any type of collaboration or creative freelancing gig. Funds are charged upfront and paid out only after the collab is complete - so you don't have to worry about not getting paid, or not getting what you paid for!


Stay in the Loop with Events & Groups

Join local and international Groups that match your creative interests, browse listings of upcoming Industry Events, and get updates from our community Activity Feed!

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Find your creative soulmate today...

Download Collabspace now to kickstart new collabs and grow your audience!

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