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Hello, World!

Starting anything new, whether composing a new song, making a new video, or launching a new company, has always been for me an anxious mixture of excitement and fear. What if people don't like my idea, or misunderstand it - what if it's just not that good? I think for almost anyone, creating something from nothing requires not just creativity and dedication, but a good measure of bravery too.

So with the nervous excitement that comes only from an embryonic creative process, today I'm pleased to announce Collabspace to the world! As an independent, self-funded company, Collabspace aims to build a community where collaboration becomes easier and more abundant than ever before.

I hope that the Collabspace mobile app unlocks new possibilities for artists, influencers, musicians, photographers, videographers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, producers, stylists and Creators of all kinds,​ by making it easier for all of us to come together for collaboration projects, whether for free or for pay.

Please check out the new website and the FAQs to learn more about how Collabspace can help you find more collab opportunities, grow your audience, and develop your professional creative network. And if you like, subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about our official beta launch on iOS and Android, coming soon!

- Daniel McKenzie, Founder

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